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10 Reasons to Start Using Dyper Right Now

Ever since having my first child six years ago, I’ve been searching for diapers that were free of harmful chemicals, effective, and affordable. For me, the search ended after I tried Dyper!

And here’s why:

1) They’re Chemical Free

This includes chlorine, TBT, Phthalates, PVC, alcohol, latex, perfumes, and other volatile organic compounds. This lovely cocktail is often present in big name diaper brands and can be responsible for the following:

  • respiratory problems
  • endocrine disruption
  • and impairments to the liver, nervous system, immune system, and reproductive functions.

Bonus! Your risk of cancer is also increased…

So yeah, none of that here! These diapers are so clean and safe!

2) Product Transparency

Dyper gives a complete breakdown of every single material in their diapers here. Dyper is indeed the most natural out of all of the natural diapers.

3) Effectiveness

They can last through an entire night just as much as any big name diaper brand. They’re very absorbent. ( Yes, I’ve really tried them all).

4) Affordability

This is how other conventional big name brands and a couple of the bigger natural diaper brands measure up. For size 1 or a small, the average cost per diaper is:

  • Pampers: $.24
  • Huggies: $.23
  • Seventh Generation: $.30
  • The Honest Company: $.28-$.34 per diaper depending on whether or not you have a subscription with them.
  • Dyper: $.30 for this size, but $68 per month for all of the diapers you need. If you need more, you can supersize your order. Either way it’s a predictable cost that is easy to budget for.

5) They deliver!

This, to me is a HUGE perk! I don’t have to remember to get them at the store. They have a wipe subscription if you need that too. If you’re away from home, they’ll deliver replacement diapers to your other location if you let them know ahead of time.

6) SOS service

They will deliver extra diapers in an emergency! Depending on your location, they can get them to you in as little as 4 hours.

7) They’re incredibly soft!

I *honestly* think they’re even softer than the Honest diapers.

8) They’re Eco-friendly

These diapers are actually compostable! You can find instructions on how to do that on their website. They’re made of bamboo that is sustainably harvested, and then packaged in bags made of oxo-biodegradable materials. Dyper also purchases carbon offsets to reduce the environmental impact of your diaper box’s journey to your home!

9) They’re good to our heroes

Dyper gives a 10% discount to active and retired military personnel, firefighters, law enforcement and emergency responders.

10) You get a free diaper bag backpack with your subscription!

Honestly, this is what first got my attention and drew me to them. I saw an ad with the free diaper bag, so I checked them out. It’s in backpack form and is super stylish! We love ours!

                                                               The Takeaway

These really are the best diapers for so many reasons. I really see so many pros and zero cons! When compared to other diapers, I think the predictable affordability, quick delivery, softness of the product, environmental perks, support of military families, and yes, the free diaper bag all really set Dyper apart! I love that I’m doing something so good for my baby and the  environment. You’ll definitely want to click here and check them out 😉

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