A Simple Living Room

The living room is  fun and simple to pare down! You really only need a handful of things in there. Everyone is going to have a different set up and different priorities, but ours has a couch, our standing air conditioner (obviously seasonal), and two bookshelves. My husband and I each were allowed one bookshelf to fill with whatever we wanted. You’ll see mine consists of textbooks, personal books, vinyls, a record player, diffuser, a wreath I made, and two totes of activities (puzzles, workbooks, flashcards) for the kids. My husband’s really just has textbooks. Beneath our couch, we store weights, a few resistance bands, and my keyboard. Everything fits nicely and is not really cluttered. For us, the workout equipment is essential. Our sofa isn’t the most comfortable sofa in the world, but it does fold down into a bed for visitors. 


So that’s it for our living room. I’m pretty sure some of you are wondering why I didn’t mention a t.v. well…we don’t have one! Crazy right? That is a whole other conversation in itself. So far, not having a television has actually been great and we really appreciate the changes this has brought. When you have a television, it is almost like that is the entire focus of the living room. It is centered around the entertainment center, because what do most people do in their living rooms? They sit and watch t.v. I’m not saying everyone should throw out their t.v. If you need to save space, I would recommend mounting your television on the wall, and ditching the entertainment center and having digital copies of your movies if possible. If not, then perhaps a tall, narrow shelf for any movies you refuse to get rid of would suffice. 

The other thing I wanted to mention about the living room is the decor. Ours is straight up bare bones. Right now we don’t really have any decorations or artwork in our house. Minimalizing or simplifying does not mean you need to have a room that is drab. A lot of tiny houses and pictures from minimalists consist of “minimalist” decorations… you know the tiny geometric pots or planters with one succulent. You don’t have to go that route. No one anywhere says that to be a minimalist , or to simplify, you have to have that style of home or space. If you like antiques or more of a country chic style, you can have it, you’ll just have less of it than you may have before. Just pick your few furniture pieces carefully, maybe add a rug and a piece of artwork for the walls, your favorite flowers in an interesting vase on your bookshelf, and you’ll be good to go! 

To be honest, if you’re not reading or using your books, you should get rid of them. I have kept my textbooks to use as references until I am finished with school or feel that I no longer need them. The cookbooks and Princess Diana books on my shelf should probably be scrapped or given to an appreciative recipient…So, as you can see, I still have a little way to go myself before being what I would think is completely minimalist. And that is why I am a challenged one 😉


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