How to Know What to Keep When You’re Minimalizing

If you’re sure you want to get rid of your stuff, it’s time to decide what to keep and what not to keep. This is probably going to be the most difficult part of your journey toward simplifying, and maybe even the most emotional one. It’s hard to let go of gifts people gave you, even if you didn’t think they were that great. It’s hard to let go of things you may have bought when you were younger, before your tastes changed to what they are now. You may see it as a loss of money or maybe even time and effort you put into getting an item. No matter what though, there is only so much room for material objects in your life.

Since you are here, you may have already read information on Marie Kondo’s book that encourages you to get rid of anything that doesn’t bring you joy. I think this is genius and wish I could credit myself with such an idea! Here is a link to a short article from Today that can definitely help you out: . 

I believe in this 100%, even the silly portions where you talk to your stuff before you let it go. However, I do think that budget can play a part in your decisions. For example, I couldn’t actually go through with tossing EVERYTHING in my closet that didn’t bring me joy, because I’m actually a very picky person, and 95% of my clothing does not bring me actual joy. This is also because most of it was bought on a tight budget. I spent a lot of time buying clothes that were just OKAY in my youth, because I couldn’t afford the ones I LOVED. So a lot of my clothes are just bleh but I can’t toss them ALL as I can’t afford to replace them quite yet. In this case, I used my own “functional minimalist wardrobe guide” to decide what to keep. If I needed so many t-shirts to get me through the week, I had to keep at least a couple t-shirts I didn’t love, just so I had t-shirts to WEAR. While I don’t know that too many people would object, I don’t feel comfortable running around town topless. 

So, I actually offer some consultation services if you need help in deciding what you should keep. These services are catered to your specific situation…aka your hobbies, your professional life, your daily tasks, wants, etc. I do have one practical wardrobe guide available for males and females for free, but they will not work for everyone. As your budget permits, you can replace items you had to keep but are not crazy about. I’m about to replace my old workout clothes (two sets) so yay me! 

In other entries, you will find guides for a simplified kitchen and living room. If I was reading these, I think I would see the lists and suggestions, and then kind of adjust them as needed, but still be ruthless in my cuts. You will definitely have to be ruthless. Be a warrior, and just ditch it! You will feel completely brand new afterward!


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