New Baby and Minimalism

I feel like there are probably a lot of parents out there thinking they would like to be more minimalist “one day” but think they can’t do it right now because they have a new baby coming. How on earth do you keep things simple with a new baby? You are about to have a baby shower where you will be buried in piles of baby clothes, toys, and various contraptions.

How much of that do you actually need? I don’t have ALL of those answers. But I can say that having less will actually allow you to focus more on your new baby, instead of on the piles of material THINGS you have to keep track of. And believe it or not, it’s really not as difficult as it might seem. Here are my suggestions for keeping things simple:

Look into getting a Finnish Baby Box

My husband and I went this route with our middle child. This was way before we even considered minimalism, and mostly because I was really interested in the box. It is really a fantastic gift for you and your new baby, and kind of a unique experience in our neck of the woods.

Finnish Baby Box ORIGINAL - 4.jpg

It is essentially a baby starter kit. It contains almost everything you legitimately NEED for your baby’s first year. I think if you get this box, add about three to five outfits per size, a Nose Frida, and add a body thermometer (I say that because they include a thermometer but it is for the baby’s bath water), you are pretty much good to go. There isn’t really a need for much else. Everything inside the baby box is of good quality, free of BPA and other harmful chemicals, doesn’t have any loose parts, and everything is even food-grade in case the baby licks it!

ORIGINAL unboxing - 6.JPG

Guys, they even give you the correct clothing based on your climate and baby’s age throughout the year. How perfect is that?!

ORIGINAL in action - 13.JPG

The most fascinating part though, is that the BOX is your baby’s new BED! While it might seem odd to us Americans to have our sweet little babies sleep in cardboard boxes, it is really common in Finland and has reduced the risk of SIDS pretty drastically. It comes with a baby-safe (obviously) mattress and an adorable mattress cover and sheet. (Yes, that is my little guy in his FBB a couple of years ago 🙂 )


Lastly, speaking of adorable, the patterns and prints on everything are just that! You can purchase the original Finnish Baby Box, or the Moomin version. I wanted the Moomin version but couldn’t pay for it, and the original turned out to be fabulous! In case you don’t know, Moomins are these entertaining Finnish characters that are somewhat troll like? Definitely check them out.


If you decide that you just can’t put your baby in the box to sleep, it is still a great starter kit and you can use the box for storing baby’s stuff (Sidenote: if you don’t use the box for sleep, I think co-sleeper bassinets are really great <3 ).

Ask for a different baby shower approach:

At most baby showers, people give you SO MUCH STUFF. Maybe you can ask the person throwing your shower to explain in the invite that you do not want material things, but rather gifts like money and diapers (whether you choose disposable or not). You could use the money to buy more diapers or put it toward your baby box purchase. Your baby shower can be looked at more as a celebration of your pregnancy and baby, and you can still play games, have food, and leave heartfelt notes for the baby to read later.



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