Minimalist Halloween Decor

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One thing I haven’t quite been able to accomplish is getting rid of my holiday decor. So far, I still own small one box of Halloween decorations, and one for Christmas. Of course, I also have a tree!

This year, I did a bit of thinking on how you could decorate for the holidays without having to find a ton of space to store those decorations later. The best route is probably to create some easy decor out of paper that you don’t mind throwing away. But that might not be for everyone as some people are going to want to keep the things they’ve made.

So, for Halloween, I perused Pinterest for some easy-to-make paper decorations that I will include in this post. There are definitely ways to really get into this fun season without having to have a ton of storage and without having to dip too far into your wallet!


First up:  Paper Bag Luminaries

These paper bag lights could create a nice ambiance and would be extremely cheap and easy! Bonus: if you have kids, they would probably love doing these with you!

Next:  Paper Spiderwebs

Just like paper snowflakes, you could hang these around the room or on the wall with spider accents.


Paper Bats!

I LOOOOOOVE these! These would look awesome scattered across a wall! You could even break up the black with some orange or purple bats too!


Paper Stair Decor

If you have stairs and mice don’t creep you out too much, these are a great idea! They also take up ZERO space, which is always a win!

Free Halloween Printables

This lovely witchcraft sign would look great in a black frame (check the dollar store) and set up on any shelf or countertop.


Free Printable Book Covers

Spellbook anyone? If you already have books, you might as well turn them into decorations too 😀


Paper Chain

Making a paper chain with some patterned paper like this one would be another cool way to jazz up your space. Criss-crossing some of these along your ceiling will allow you to decorate more without using more shelf, counter, or floor space.

The Jack-O-Lantern

Let’s not forget about this classic that you get to have fun with every year AND throw away after.


Halloween Themed Treats (Caramel Apples, Cupcakes)

Okay, so this is only temporary as decor, but is a fun way to get into Halloween. The only storage you need to find for these is in your belly.


And finally, A Spicy Halloween Playlist

This bright playlist on Pinterest would be perfect for a party or just to get the feels for Halloween. The only song I think it’s missing is the Monster Mash 😉

Adding 1-3 strings of lights (maybe orange or purple lights or fairy lights) would definitely complete a well-rounded decor job. Lights will lay nicely in a small box you could keep for these cheap and easy decorations 🙂

Here is the Pinterest board I created with all of these suggestions and a few more (I’m thankful for the creativity of others):




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