The 2 Best Items to Have in your Tiny Home Gym

With the plethora of up and coming gym gadgets and equipment available out there, it is hard to decide which are things you might really need, and which ones are unnecessary.

Just as with everything else, it’s best to keep your range of equipment simple. That definitely does not mean your workouts have to be simple. You can do a lot for your body with very little.

If you don’t even work out at home, and instead go to a gym or a yoga studio, then… good for you 😉 You don’t have to figure out how to store any gym equipment! Yay! Okay but for those of us who are poor …


or feel more comfortable working out at home because we have kids, here are some suggestions for what to keep in your home gym.

Resistance bands…

Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 7.25.40 PM

Speaking of fads, these are one of the latest. But, they are pretty awesome and very versatile.

They are most commonly used for building a better booty and legs, but can also be used to strengthen the abs, back, and arms as well.

I love them because it really feels like they get into the nittiest, grittiest of glute muscles, and my husband likes them because his man crush Tom Brady uses them.

I have these! There are more hard core resistance bands that go through xxx-heavy. Once they feel like they’re too easy, you can increase your reps or change up your exercises.


Dumbbells (duh)

You can seriously do so much with these.

We have four sets that are going to seem pretty random: ten lbs, fifteen lbs, 30 lbs, and 45 lbs. I use the lighter ones for arms, the heavier ones for legs/glutes, etc.

You don’t really NEED anything else.

Nature has provided you with most of the tools you need 🙂

Youtube videos help a TON. Don’t forget about the infinite amount of pilates and yoga online, and guided workouts for any part of your body.

Change it up often and maybe do your cardio outdoors on a bicycle or while running.

Please keep in mind though, that this is advice for people looking to get or stay in shape and gain muscle, but not for people who are *heavily* 😀  into body building. You can always buy different dumbbells as you need to.

All of this “equipment” stacks nicely underneath our couch and does not clutter our very small space. Say hello to your space saving home gym!

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