A Complete Guide to a Minimalist Kitchen

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A Simple Kitchen≠ Simple Food

Here is a list of things that I’ve found to be the most useful and the most versatile.

BASIC Kitchen List: 

1) one spoon and one fork per person

2) two butterknives

3) one to three kitchen knives (we recently bought knives of Japanese steel by the startup company Misen). We thought the most useful knives to have were a chef’s knife, paring knife, and bread knife. See my post on that here.

4) This cool tool! 

5) one large serving spoon

6) one pair of tongs

7) potato masher

8) can opener that, of course, doubles as a bottle opener

9) two oven mitts

10) versatile blender or food processor (We have a vitamix)

13) one strainer that doubles as a cutting board

14) dish drying rack 

15) 3 kitchen towels and 3 kitchen rags (or even fewer)

16) one pitcher if you make juice or other drinks

17) crock pot (might not be necessary for everyone)

18) one large pot like this one

19) one saucepan

20) one decent sized pan/skillet

21) one or two cookie/baking sheets

22) one pyrex 13X9 glass dish

23) perhaps a wine opener

24) peeler with brush

25) one adjustable measuring cup

26) one adjustable measuring spoon

27) whisk

This is not an extremely minimalist list, but I do think it’s a very BASIC and SIMPLE list. To me, this is an easy kitchen to keep track of, organize, and control. We have a set of dishes for 5 people, and 4 very random coffee cups.

And I know it is definitely not glamorous to pour that local Pinot Gris you just bought into your kid’s Jack Skellington coffee cup, but you know what is glamorous? Being clutter free!

*I keep returning to this list to update it as I realize any areas in which I failed!

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