About Me

Hi I’m Aspen and a 28 year old stay at home mom of 4 beautiful small children! I am out to help people (especially other moms) get and stay organized through simplifying. Everyone deserves to know how to be the healthiest, most fulfilled version of themselves!

My children are 1 month, 2, 3, and 6 years old, so I am pretty busy and tend to get overwhelmed easily. I was inspired to start this blog when minimalism helped me get a better handle on my life, and made me a happier person. Currently, my husband and I are renting a 650 sq. ft. apartment for the year, to practice living pretty minimally while we look for land to build a small house on. We are not really into the idea of a TINY house with 3 children, per se, but are definitely entertaining that idea for when they are out of the house (clearly, a long time from now 😀 ). For now, we want to build a small home, between 800-1100 sq. ft., and teach our children the value of not being slaves to consumerism. I really want them to be free of mundane tasks created by having so many unnecessary objects; free of living just to work just to pay the bills to have more STUFF; and when they do have to consume, to be able to do so smartly.

When consuming, I am a fan of a few clear ingredients and minimal processing. Usually, if I don’t recognize an ingredient in food or body products, I look it up. I often use EWG.ORG’s Skin-Deep database and Food Scores database. But really, it’s as easy as cooking most of your food from simple, clean ingredients, and only wearing or using things that benefit your body instead of potentially harming it.

This blog will act as a guide for anyone looking to simplify their life, and kind of document my own personal journey through the transition to becoming of a minimalist. I’m definitely open to related topics being brought to my attention through comments or questions!