How to Get a Minimalist Kitchen

Knowing what to get rid of in your kitchen is a tough call.  You don’t want to make your life way more difficult than necessary because you threw out some handy little tool. So allow yourself some creative liberties here, and consider focusing on the amount of space you have in your kitchen. For example,... Continue Reading →

Why You Should Minimalize with Children

“A study has shown…” that having fewer toys is actually good for children. You’re probably wondering which study, and I will go out of my lazy way to share that information with you in a moment. If you are anything like we were before we moved into our small apartment, you could have gone swimming... Continue Reading →

A Simple Living Room

The living room is  fun and simple to pare down! You really only need a handful of things in there. Everyone is going to have a different set up and different priorities, but ours has a couch, our standing air conditioner (obviously seasonal), and two bookshelves. My husband and I each were allowed one bookshelf... Continue Reading →

A Pretty Minimalist Bathroom

Things can get a little bit tricky when it comes to cleaning out your bathroom. My blog is not going to lead you to that “ultimate simplicity” you hear of that means you can fit everything you own into a backpack. This probably isn’t the page for those of you looking for something that extreme.... Continue Reading →

How to Steer Clear of Consumerism

To fully simplify your life, you’ll need to rid yourself of consumerist ideas…in the way of consuming materials at least. Just flush them down the toilet. But if you want to buy gas, hotel rooms, and experiences, then by all means, do that. If you struggle not to buy the latest televisions, makeup finds, styles, or... Continue Reading →

How To Get Rid of Your Clutter

From where I stand, there are three approaches you can take to beginning your journey toward minimalism, a.k.a. to get rid of your ish...your "stuff." You can sell your stuff, give your stuff away, or just, you know, throw it in the trash/recycling. Selling your stuff:  I attempted to do this with at least some... Continue Reading →

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