Let Me Help You

If you really need help getting started on your path to minimalism, I can help you. Sometimes it’s hard to find the time to do any research, to have the time to really think about what you should/shouldn’t keep in your house, and to know how to switch over to natural products. Beginning January 15th, I will offer

Personalized Consultation Services with Lists and Coaching: $50 per hour (but guys, I work fast)

This package includes consultation via email about your current lifestyle, and changes you would like to make. I can walk you through paring down each room of your house, and make suggestions for what each of YOUR rooms should have depending on YOUR career, hobbies, and leisure activities. It really is not the same for everyone. Essentially, I create the lists for you, based on YOU, and all you actually have to do is purge the stuff without thinking too much.

2. Natural Product Lists by Room and Personal Preferences: $5 

If you are looking to switch over to natural products, whether partially or entirely, and whether makeup, body products, or cleaning products, I can provide personalized lists for you. For example, if you want a list of clean makeup products based on your skin type or eye color, I can do the dirty work and create a list of suggestions for you!  I can base the lists on your personal preferences. Each list is $5. There are three basic types that can be personalized: The Natural Cleaning Products List, The Clean Makeup List, and the Clean Body Products list.