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Misen: Knives To Help You Cook Like a Pro

If you had to choose to get rid of all of your kitchen knives except for three, which ones would you keep? My husband and I decided to ask ourselves this exact question. We didn’t want any extraneous knives or clutter. So… which knives would do everything we could possibly need?

Like did we really need all the knives in a typical knife block? A Tomato knife? Utility knife? Slicing knife? Cheese knife? Not really.

So, after some careful research, we decided to keep only a chef’s knife, paring knife, and bread knife in our kitchen. These 3 great, comfortable and versatile knives could do everything we normally need any knife for.


Our next conundrum was what type of knives we should buy, because honestly, ours sucked. I usually bought our knives at outlet stores to try to avoid spending much money, and they never lasted long.

Luckily a foodie friend of my husband’s recommended Misen.

Misen is a startup selling high quality kitchen tools at affordable prices. I can’t say anything about their pans because I haven’t used them, but based on the quality of their knives, I would assume they’re great too.

These are by far the best quality knives I have ever owned! Here is a quick breakdown on why these are so great:

Chef’s knife: 

If you’re going to go even more extreme and only want one knife, then THIS is definitely the one to get/keep! Misen claims that it can do 99% of your kitchen cutting. Based on my own experiences, I would have to agree. Honestly it’s the only one I ever reach for right now. It truly slices through almost anything like butter!


Several factors are at play here.

  1. The Steel

The chef’s knife is made of Japanese AUS -10 Steel (This is a recent upgrade from their original chef’s knife, which was already made out of AUS-8.) It is incredibly strong, made with 1.10% carbon. It is very durable and retains a sharp edge nicely. Obviously, no knife stays sharp forever, but I’ve gone much longer between sharpenings with this one than any other I owned previously. (Also, if you want, they will re-sharpen it back to it’s original sharpness!).

2. The Handle 

The comfortable handle is 27 mm off the cutting board when it is being held. So it allows for lots of knuckle room! It also comes in three classy colors. The blue one is beautiful!

3. The Bolster

In case you’re unsure of what a bolster is, it is the thick space between the handle and the knife. It is a strong junction that provides counter balance, and a nice transition between the handle and the knife.

I have actually broken the handle right off a few cheaper chef’s knives.

Most professional chef’s knives have a bolster. The one on this particular knife is sloped, which allows for more comfort and makes it easier to do a proper pinch grip.

4. The Blade Angle

The angle of this blade is 15 degrees, compared to the 25 degree angles on many western knives. This blade is sharper than many for that reason.



The Paring Knife:

Paring knives are typically used for peeling and chopping fruits and vegetables. This knife makes it unnecessary to own a peeler. It is also comfortable to grip and easy to maneuver thanks to its crazy sharp blade!


The Bread Knife

While you can definitely get by without one of these in your kitchen, I do love having a serrated edge around. I’m hoping to start buying bread from our local bakery a lot more often, and I don’t want slicing it to be difficult. We also eat the occasional angel food cake, and a bread knife is really the only effective way to cut through those without squishing them.


Caring for your knives…

is easy! Just don’t put them in the dishwasher! Wash them right after use and dry completely. Pretty simple.

As for the company itself,

Misen will let you try their knives for 60 days! You can return them for a full refund if you’re dissatisfied, no questions asked. That’s how confident they are in their products. They know you’re going to love them 😉



I am no chef. My cooking is on point, but my actual cutting and prepping skills have a loooooong way to go! But these knives did make my life a lot easier, and actually made practicing my knife skills fun! Prepping isn’t nearly as miserable as it was before.

I highly recommend Misen knives because of their quality and affordability. They are approximately half the cost of other premium and professional knives.

Misen skips the store and sells directly to you online to keep the prices low! The chef’s knife is $65 or you can get the essentials bundle that includes all 3 of the knives listed in this post, for $130!

This would be a great gift for yourself or a friend that doesn’t like clutter in their kitchen!


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