Rasa: Adaptogens for Sustainable Energy

“If only, if only,” the woodpecker sighs, “the coffee was a little bit stronger” 😀 …

Because the coffee is NEVER strong enough! For some reason I expect it to fuel my entire day, but after so much of that it hardly even works at all!

The more caffeine you consume, the less it affects you…the less it helps you.

So how can you get more sustainable energy? How can you feel better overall without relying solely on caffeine? What can you do to fight off the fatigue?

The answer is adaptogens. And the most enjoyable way I’ve found to consume these is by drinking RASA. 


Let’s start with the adaptogens:

Adaptogens are just herbs that help your body regulate its stress responses.

So they work at the molecular level by interacting with the hypothalamic and pituitary glands in your brain, and the adrenal glands. All three of these glands are part of the endocrine system, aka they release hormones that affect the way you respond to stress.

Why would this help me feel less fatigued?

When your body is exposed to a stressor, it goes through three phases.

  • the alarm phase
  • the phase of resistance
  • the phase of exhaustion

    Photo credit of Effects of Adaptogens on the Central Nervous System and the Molecular Mechanisms Associated with Their Stress—Protective Activity

As you may or may not see in this graph, when you first encounter a stressor, your body becomes alarmed. It then increases your focus and energy so that you can deal with the stressor in the resistance phase. After working to deal with the stressor, you become fatigued and enter the phase of exhaustion.

An example of this is lifting weights. When you go to lift say, 10 lb weights, your body is alarmed. Your focus and energy increase to be able to continue lifting them as needed. Eventually, your muscles fatigue, and afterward you become exhausted.

But what happens after you’ve been lifting weights for a while? The weight becomes easier to lift, and you become less tired afterward. 

This same concept applies to the way your body responds to stress! Consuming adaptogens is like conditioning your body to respond better, which will leave you less fatigued overall. 🙂

The only catch here is that, just like working out, you have to use the adaptogens consistently for a while before feeling the positive effects. It doesn’t take long though, people seem to begin feeling different after just 2-3 weeks of use.


What else do adaptogens do?

Stress impacts so much more than just our energy levels. It impacts our neurological functioning and immune systems as well.

So not only do adaptogens help your energy levels through stress management, they also increase mental alertness, stimulate the central nervous system, and work as an anti- depressant. They can aid in chronic health conditions, neurological disorders, and cardiovascular health too. (1).

Even better, you don’t become immune to their effects as you do with coffee! You don’t need to increase the amount to get the same benefits.

Okay, so how do I get started on this adaptojourney? You mentioned Rasa…what is that?

Rasa is a delicious, earthy drink made up of adaptogens. It can be used as a coffee alternative, or as a supplement to coffee if you just can’t give that up.

rasa pic
Courtesy of Rasa

There are three different varieties of Rasa. They all contain the same herbs or adaptogens, but have different twists.

Here are the ingredients of the original or Whole Rasa:

rasa herbs 2
Courtesy of Rasa

Original Rasa is just the earthy herbal blend itself, and contains no caffeine. It is also the most potent of all three Rasa’s.

Cacao Rasa (my favorite!) adds a little bit of fair trade chocolate, so it has 5 mg caffeine.

Finally, Dirty Rasa is a blend of regular coffee and Rasa, with 35 mg caffeine per 8 oz serving.

How do I make it?

Luckily, this is nice and easy. You can just brew it exactly the same way you would your regular coffee…with the same measurements and everything. Approximately one tbsp per cup of water is what I’ve been doing.

making rasa
Courtesy of Rasa

Rasa’s website is also full of awesome recipe ideas! Like coffee, it is very versatile and can be drunk cold or hot. This phatty cardamom latte looks amazing! You can even bake treats with it or make ice cream!

iced rasa
Courtesy of Rasa

Other reasons to get your adaptogens through Rasa:

  • Rasa is committed to using sustainable herbs. They actually send an employee directly to the source to choose the herbs. This not only ensures quality and sustainability of the adaptogens, but also good relations with the farmers. Everything is fair trade!
  • They also only use organic herbs! So not only are they better for your body, but better for the environment as well 🙂
  • There are no fillers in their blends. It’s all just herbs, or …


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