Redefining Minimalism

If you’re interested in minimalism, you don’t have to stick to a specific set of rules. There are none.

For each person, minimalism is going to mean something different, and everyone will have to redefine it for themselves.

For some, it might mean cutting your belongings in half, while for others, it could mean paring down completely to the bare essentials.

When you google the definition of minimalism, it essentially says, “an interest in keeping things simple.” So that’s really pretty broad and can apply to so many different things. To me, minimalism is indeed LIVING simply.


But not only does it apply to the amount of material objects in my life or in my space, but to my food and personal products, and where/how I spend my time as well.

I like my food to have wholesome, real, and simple ingredients. I don’t like to wonder about a single ingredient in something I’m eating. The fewer ingredients you see in anything processed, and the more recognizable, the better.


I like the coffee creamers that literally have ingredient lists of, “cream, sugar, and vanilla.” I don’t want to be standing there reading that my creamer has partially hydrogenated oils in it and wondering why the F they put those in there.


This same idea applies to my cosmetics and body products. I like them to be clean, simple, and effective. It’s a win/win really because a lot of them are not only effective in the sense that they do what they say they will do, but they also benefit your skin and your health when you use them.


Conventional makeup, hair, and body products might appear to work, but many are actually increasing your risk of cancer, allergies, and endocrine system issues! (Think reproductive damage).

Finally, I have become a minimalist in the way of trying to reduce mental and emotional clutter. After spending much of my life completely overwhelmed, I’ve learned to prioritize and cut out the things that are less important.

My family is first to me now, and accepting that for now, my job is to stay home and take care of them has brought me peace I never thought I would experience. Putting yourself and your family first is so important, however you do it.

Learning to say no to people will also help you have more time to do whatever YOU need or want to do. If you can scale back the time you spend working or the number of projects or commitments you have, do it. You will be amazed at how free you feel.

What are the different ways you apply (or want to apply) minimalism to your life?


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