How To Get Rid of Your Clutter

From where I stand, there are three approaches you can take to beginning your journey toward minimalism, a.k.a. to get rid of your ish…your “stuff.” You can sell your stuff, give your stuff away, or just, you know, throw it in the trash/recycling.

  1. Selling your stuff: 

You can sell your stuff on,, or I didn’t have the patience to follow through with this route, but some of you could definitely make a little extra cash this way.  

Another way to simplify is to have a yard sale. This actually interested me a lot but I flat out did not have the time. I became more of a minimalist by circumstance. My husband got a great job offer, and we had to move fast, so we left our 1800 square foot house and moved into our 650 sq. ft. apartment. We really HAD to downsize a great deal, but both wanted to do so anyway. A yard sale would be a great way to earn at least a few hundo, and I highly recommend this route if you or someone you know has a yard you can use. I’m sure Pinterest is full of cute yard sale ideas. 


2) Giving your stuff away: 

Another option is to give your stuff away, and this can be done in a myriad of different ways. You could take it to Goodwill, which is what I ended up doing with most things, and is my least favorite option. You could donate your things to a church or other organization/good cause, or give it to friends or family. You could invite your friends over to pick out what they want of your stuff.  Maybe you can even find some way to regulate any competition…


3) Recycling and Throwing your stuff away:

After Goodwill, we took several trips to the dump and to various recycling places. Look for places to recycle any garbage/random junk you have, as well as electronics/appliances. This is the least philanthropic option, but is a fast one.


By now, some of you are probably asking yourselves, “BUT, how do I know what to KEEP?!” Good news, you can wipe away those tears of frustration and click on this link to be directed to an entry that will help you get started on sorting through everything!

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