4 Reasons to Ditch your Coffee Machine

There are many ways that you can make really good coffee without a bulky electric coffee maker. You can use a French press, a pour-over coffee maker, or a percolator.

These options take up less space than an electric coffee maker, but what is the most minimalist way you can make coffee? The answer:  Cowboy Coffee.


Here are the top 4 reasons you should be making coffee this way:

 1) To make “cowboy coffee,” you don’t need to buy any filters! So yay! Money saved there!

2) You don’t need electricity.  No plug-ins, or any special devices of any kind.

3) You don’t need any extra pieces in your kitchen (like you would if you used a French press)

4) Most coffee makers push the hot water for your coffee through plastic parts, which means there is serious potential for plastic chemicals to leach into your coffee.

All you need is a pot, water, coffee, and a heat source! You can do this at home or while you’re out camping. This is easily the best coffee maker for the outdoorsman (or woman)! There is no reason to give this luxury up when you’re camping.




How do I prepare this? 

There seems to be a lot of disagreement over exactly how much coffee to add for each cup of water. I like strong coffee, and have no issues with adding two tablespoons of ground per cup of water. But for people who just like a regular cup of joe, I think 1/4 cup of coffee per 4 cups of water is a good measurement, or about one tablespoon of coffee per cup of water.


  • I would start with boiling about 6 cups of water.
  • Once it’s boiling, add your coffee grounds (about 1/3 of a cup in this case.)
  • Let boil for a minute or two and then remove the pot from the heat.
  • Add 1/2 cup to 1 cup of cold water and let sit for another one to two minutes. This will help the grounds settle.

That’s pretty much it! I’ve been doing this for about a month now, and have found that the grounds do tend to stay toward the bottom of the pot, and the few that don’t settle at the bottom of your cup.

Getting rid of your electric coffee machine should free up some more space and allow you to simplify in your kitchen that much more!


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